Members of the Centre for Social Innovation work across sectors to create a better world. We accelerate their success and amplify their impact through the power of coworking, community and collaboration. Together, we’re building a movement for
people & planet because we know that it’s up to us.


Whimsical and functional workspaces, CSI Hookup, Salad Club, Summits, Six Degrees, Party in the Park, member discounts, promotional opportunities, mountains of social capital… this ain’t your run-of-the-mill coworking space! We’re an ecosystem! A village! A cradle and a catapult for you to nurse an idea or propel your enterprise towards even greater impact.


We create community through conscious and careful curation + animation. First, we approve new members based on their social or environmental mission and to reflect a diversity of ideas and backgrounds. Next we bring them together with capacity-building workshops, socials, our Intranet network, designing our spaces for serendipity and more. The result? A choreographed collision of people and ideas with world-changing potential.


Being physically together is what sets the conditions for new relationships, new projects and unexpected outcomes. The Centre for Social Innovation is internationally recognized as a pioneer in the creation of
shared spaces for social innovation.  

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