The 192 Move FAQ

The 192 Move FAQ

Why did CSI Cross the Road?

1) Wait…we’re moving?

Yes! We knew our lease was coming up at 215, rent rates were going up, so on Halloween of 2014 we purchased the building across the street (192 Spadina) with the help of 227 investors in our Community Bonds. This brick & beam beauty was built in 1920. Formerly a printing company, with a stint in the garment industry, the Murray Building is now home to a makerspace and dozens of organizations making cool sh*t happen. This will allow us more floors, more control, and a permanent place to call our own.

2) When and where are we moving?

We are moving across the road, to 192 Spadina Avenue! The move will take place over the weekend of September 21st-23rd and will begin at noon on the 21st. This means the last work day at 215 Spadina will be the 21st and the first work day at 192 will be September 24th. This is true for all members. At this moment, we do not expect to have any member access to 215 Spadina following September 21st.

3) Are members responsible for moving themselves?

No, we have hired movers! The company is called You Move Me and will be in charge of moving everything from 215 Spadina to 192 Spadina. Members will be responsible for packing their offices, clusters, and private desks, and the movers will move things over the weekend to their designated locations. Movers will not be unpacking the items so please expect some time to get setup in your brand new space!

4) Can we stay at 215?

As our lease is up, we’ll all need to move.

5) Do all current 215 members fit into 192?

Yes! All members will be provided the opportunity to move into comparable space at 192. In fact the only way to guarantee space at 192 is to be a member here. Our site teams will be leading individual conversations with Offices, Clusters, and Private Desks about the specifics. These discussions are on a timeline that we are working through so more information is coming soon, however if you have any urgent questions please email our Community Manager at: Stefan(at)

6) So I’m a Hot Desk Member, what does the move mean for me?

Hot Deskers will have wonderful new spaces available to them on both of our two new coworking floors and you will benefit from the wireless and internet upgrades that will be in place within 192.

7) I have a locker currently, will there be lockers at 192?

Yes, we are planning on having lockers. We are still working out exactly how to do them there and will be reaching out directly to those of you who currently have lockers directly and will be communicating more broadly with the community once the locker plan is finalized.

8) How will we be transferring mail services to the new building?

If you’re moving over to 192 Spadina with us, the building is already set up to receive your mail. Please begin changing your mailing address now and we will begin picking up mail from both locations to be delivered to your mailboxes here at 215 Spadina.

a) If you are a Hot Desk member, you can switch your address over to “192 Spadina Avenue, Suite 300”

b) If you have a Private Desk, you can switch your address over to “192 Spadina Avenue, Suite 300”

c) If your team has a Cluster Desk, use “192 Spadina Avenue, Suite 400”

d) If you are in an Office, you have your office number on the Change Letter you signed. If you did not sign and return a Change Letter, please reach out to Stefan(at)

9) How accessible will 192 Spadina be?

The 3rd and 4th floors are being built to be fully accessible and there has been a lift installed to make the ground floor fully accessible as well.

However, there is no way to sugar coat the fact that the coworking spaces in the new building will not be fully accessible due to the elevator. The elevator does not meet accessibility standards. It is our understanding that the 30 inch door is wide enough for many devices, but not all. We have consulted with a range of experts and are currently exploring opportunities for funding to allow us to build a new exterior elevator shaft, however, the timeline on this remains unclear.

We are currently working to ensure all members will continue to be able to use our services and if you personally have any accessibility concerns please reach out to the Community Manager: Stefan(at)

10) What are all the amenities at 192?

Once fully operational, 192 will have seven meeting rooms matching the rooms we currently have here, an event space, a lounge with kitchen on the 3rd floor & a smaller lounge and kitchen on the 4th floor. We will also have upgrade internet services, four phone booths and will be testing out a process to have two of them bookable so that members can more reliably expect to have space available if needed. All new meeting rooms on the coworking floors will have pre-installed A/V equipment and we are working on some exciting partnerships to offer even more.

11) When can I book meeting rooms?

Right now! All the meeting rooms on the ground floor can currently be booked and meeting rooms on the 3rd & 4th floors are bookable from October onwards using the intranet.

12) How do I get my new fob and keys?

Keys to your office will be awaiting you in your new office on the 24th, but fobs are now available! Here’s how we’ll be rolling them out:

  1. We will be coming directly to Offices, Private Desks, and Cluster Desks to hand deliver fobs this week (Sept 4th-7th)
  2. If you have an office, private desk, and cluster desk after this week please follow the instructions for Hot Desk members (see below).
  3. If you’re a Hot Desk member, find Sami in the lounge to sign out your fob from him sami(at)
  4. You must sign out your own fob ONLY. You cannot sign out a fob for a teammate.
  5. There’s no deposit necessary for these fobs. There is however a fee if you lose it and need to replace it, so do keep it somewhere safe between now and then!
  6. These fobs are not active until September 24th at 9 am. If you try to access the new space before then, it wont work!
  7. Please keep your current fob until then in order to access 215.
  8. As of EOD on September 21st your old fobs wont work at 215 — drop it in the FOB box at the Welcome Desk to get rid of it.
  9. If you’re away during this period of time, please find your fob with Sami once you return sami(at)

13) What do we do with documents, items & furniture that we don’t want to move?

Update: We will have a shredding box in suite 120 from September 12th-20th, please use this box exclusively for sensitive documents which must be confidentially shredded. All remaining unwanted documents should be recycled or shredded using our in-house shredder.

For other items and defunct furniture, we provided a junk day in June and if you still have furniture you wish to get rid of, please label it as “FB/Donate” to give it to Furniture Bank (check here to see if what you’re looking to give fits their needs) and if not, please mark it as “Do Not Move”.

14) What is the 25 Salad Club Initiative?

Starting the first week of April, we will begin a countdown of the 25 salad clubs left before the move. Each Tuesday keep an eye out for a move related animation. These will all building on each other towards what will be an incredible goodbye and, if possible, an even more amazing house warming. Here’s what we’ve done so far!

15) What are the dates that should already be in your calendar?

There will be many important dates as we move forward but for now, please keep the below dates available:

  1. June 5th at 1pm available for Town Hall #3
  2. June 12th for Junk Day
  3. July 17th for Shredding Day #1
  4. August 7th for the beginning of mail transfer activities
  5. August 28th for the arrival of packing boxes from Frog Box
  6. September 4th for the beginning of packing activities
  7. September 11th for Town Hall #4
  8. September 14th for the Goodbye Wine and Cheese
  9. September 18th for our last Salad Club & more packing!
  10. September 21st as the move day. We will also be updating the Animation Calendars that are being dropped into your mail folders monthly.
  11. September 24th – October 12th for member led housewarming programming.

16) What will the move day look like?

The movers will be here on Friday (September 21st) morning, internet will become in-opperational at noon. Any members who wish to work beyond noon or over the weekend can use our Annex or Regent Park locations. If you need to work on the weekends you will need to pick up a pass from that location by end of day Friday. Internet and everything will be up and running Monday morning for you to arrive, grab a bite of breakfast (provided by CSI), unpack, and get down to work.

17) How should I pack?

You must be 100% packed by noon on Friday. We will be sending out a video to help you with the packing process, but for now, here is how your office should look at noon on Friday:

  • Everything that can go in a box in a box
  • Your valuables are at HOME
  • Your files are out of your filing cabinets and in banker boxes
  • Your drawers are emptied
  • Your monitors are standing on your desks, disconnected from all cords, ready for the movers to wrap.
  • Your furniture is empty, ready for the movers to wrap and/or disassemble (and reassemble) if necessary.


  • Your Frogboxes are labeled with Frogbox labels on the TOP and SIDE with your new office or desk number
  • Your banker boxes are labelled on the TOP and the SIDE with your new office or desk number
  • There’s a set of stickers with your new office/desk number waiting in the room for the movers to label your furniture after it is wrapped.

Make sure you are packed on time! There will be a fee of $500 for private desks and $1000 for offices if the movers need to pack your space. This will also slow the move process down so please do not plan on this as your packing solution, if you are looking for packing help please feel free to reach out to Kale or Stefan and we can connect you with packing companies.

Boxes need to be entirely emptied for return by October 1.

18) Where can I get new information?

Right here! We’ll be updating this with new move info, answering new questions, and generally using this as a place to hold all our information. We will also be sending out info to the Spadina Members listserv so please look out for staff emails on the list as well.

19) I think I have special needs for the move. What do I do?

Contact Kale asap and we’ll make sure you have what you need to get across the street.

20) Who are my move team contacts?

1) Stefan Hostetter, Community Manager: Stefan(at)

2) Kale Ridsdale, 192 Move and Community Coordinator, Kale(at)

3) Marcus Hyunh, Community Animator: Marcus(at)