2015 Agents of Change: City Builders (New York City)

2015 Agents of Change: City Builders

The Centre for Social Innovation has teamed up with 15 outstanding partners to support eleven great ideas for a better New York City.

Great cities are the product of engaged and active citizens. The types of people who insist on rolling up their sleeves to make their city a better place. The Agents of Change: City Builders program was created to give these dreamers, doers and innovators a helping hand. Out of 150 applications, we are proud to announce our 2015 Agents of Change: City Builders!

Agents of Change: City Builders

Chris-Avila-HubschmannCredit Do

Credit Do’s aims to break the cycle of financial exclusion specific to youth’s patterns with credit cards, work opportunity and affordability of college.



Megan-Eiss-ProctorSafe Passage Project Corporation

Safe Passage Project Corporation addresses the unmet legal needs of immigrant youth living in New York by ensuring they know about the legal options and services available to them.



Eleanor-Wendell-+-Kristina-DruryTYTHEdesign’s Community Capacity Lab

TYTHEdesign’s Community Capacity Lab equips civil servants and nonprofit professionals with the capacity to integrate design thinking processes into the way their agencies design and deliver services.


Arielle-KandelNew Women New Yorkers (NWNY)

NWNY is a cross-community nonprofit dedicated to empowering young women immigrants, particularly low-income women and single mothers, living in New York City.



Margarita-Soto-+-Teri-YuanAppigi, LLC

Appigi is a directory and data tool for social service professionals used to ensure their clients are safe, healthy, housed, educated, and employed.



Marielle-AnzelonePopUp Forest: Times Square

PopUp Forest: Times Square will put a slice of real nature in the heart of NYC.



Stacey-MurphyBK Farmyards

BK Farmyards is a collective of urban farmers dedicated to the advancement of social justice through urban agricultural production and training.



Jacqueline-LyoussiWhite Roof Project

White Roof Project paints the roofs of low-income and non-profit buildings white to promote environmental education, advocacy and community building while reducing the summer temperatures on the inside.



Akimbo’s mission is to build an inclusive workforce by connecting underserved individuals to professional opportunities.



Simone-Sneed#YesWeCode, an initiative of Dream Corps Unlimited

#YesWeCode is a national initiative committed to training 100,000 low-opportunity youth to become high-level computer programmers.



Mira-Weisenthal-+-Gary-PaganThe CHAMPION Network

CHAMPION Network is a 1-year membership-based employment program for young adults who are looking learn, grow and flourish in their careers.