2015 Agents of Change: City Builders (Toronto)

2015 Agents of Change: City Builders

The Centre for Social Innovation has teamed up with 15 outstanding partners to support eleven great ideas for a better Toronto.

Great cities are the product of engaged and active citizens. The types of people who insist on rolling up their sleeves to make their city a better place. The Agents of Change: City Builders program was created to give these dreamers, doers and innovators a helping hand. Over 12 months, the selected startups achieved a 461% increase in revenues, and 214% increase in paid staff.

Agents of Change: City Builders

AzeezaForWomenAzeeza for Women

Azeeza for Women is a social enterprise designed to address the issue of violence against women through health and fitness training.



foodforwardBuilding Roots/Food Forward

Building Roots is an emergent initiative of Food Forward, a grassroots non-profit organization, where Torontonians meet to create a better City through food.



buildingupBuilding Up

Building Up is a non-profit social enterprise that will install energy and water efficient retrofits in low income housing, while training and employing the marginalized residents of these buildings to carry out the work.


farahwayglobalBuilding Roads Together/Farahway Global

Building Roads Together/Farahway Global reduces mental health disparities and promotes inclusion and empowerment by building capacity for people to lead peer walking groups.



dropdistributionThe Drop Distribution

The Drop Distribution is a cargo cycle fleet operating year-round bringing the best of the city to consumer’s door stoops.




Five/Fourteen is a social service agency providing services and support to lesbian, gay, bisexual, trans*, queer and otherwise gender-non-conforming youth and young adults in and from foster care in Ontario.


JasonLoganToronto Needs a Creative Director

Toronto Needs a Creative Director is a project to establish an office of Creative Direction within Toronto’s City Hall.



shapemycityShape My City

Shape My City brings the power of networks to people, ideas, projects, and organizations, helping to build a better Toronto.



stopgapStopGap Foundation

StopGap Foundation is helping communities discover the benefit of barrier free spaces and providing support to create them through their Community Ramp Project outside storefronts across Toronto.



storefrontStorefront Theatre

The Storefront Theatre is a performance space in the Bloorcourt area in Toronto, born out of a vacant storefront and converted into a thriving theatre venue.




Techsdale is helping Rexdale youth learn web, app and game design and development, in order to maximize their capacity for creative self-expression, their employability and their sense of agency.