25 Salad Clubs

25 Salad Clubs

We’re counting down our Tuesday’s until we move, each week a new animation, each week a new chalkboard. Follow along with Kale’s email every week and check back here for a summary incase you’ve missed anything.

25: The Other Side

This week we bring you a Tip: Begin thinking about the move, but not actively. You dont need to do anything yet. Make sure your team members know that the move is happening September 21, 22, 23, and let it simmer on the back burner. There’s some research that says information set at the back of your mind still passively sorts itself out. This week, just let it simmer.

24: FAQ, it’s Important

This week there is an Action to complete: Read the FAQ sheet at https://socialinnovation.org/192faq/. Which, frankly, have not been frequently asked questions but is information we’re providing to you as if you asked it, before you asked it. If we do get other questions coming in that are asked frequently enough, we’ll add them there.

23: Clue 1, Oh the Places We’ll Go

This week we bring you the first set of clues in a series of clues that when taken together will lead you somewhere to go as we near the end of the countdown. Pay close attention. Clue #1 is a riddle: What can you hold and not touch? + Clue #2 is drawn on the chalkboard in the lounge (as seen above). Taken together these clues give you the word we’re looking for. The answer is one word. HINT: It’s not just the answer to Clue #1.

22: Revolutions Begin in the Kitchen: Chick with Sticks

We’re calling these stories our “Revolutions Begin in the Kitchen” series. This phrase has long been a part of CSI lore, there’s even a sign stating as such in our kitchen. It’s a phrase that speaks to the power of food, but also the power of community. Community that here at CSI is built around our shared spaces and especially in our kitchens. So join us, once a month until the move, to hear the stories of the community that our kitchens built. This months story comes from M & M international.

About one year ago, I was brand new to CSI and I was standing in line for my very first salad club. I loaded up my plate with greens, protein, and all the interesting bits that wind up at a salad club spread then I went to get a fork. Alas, all that was left was a pair of bright green chopsticks. It seems that forks are a hot commodity around this place and they have a tendency to run out during salad club. So I grabbed the chopsticks and searched around for an open seat. I found a seat at the table closest to the Alterna savings room, feeling a bit awkward because I was new and I was using chopsticks to eat salad. Then the guy next to me said, “Wow, I really didn’t think you were going to be able to eat salad with those chopsticks.” His comment totally broke the ice and suddenly the whole table was introducing themselves and chatting about our various versions of making the world a better place. This was my first experience of the magic of CSI that brings people together in spontaneous ways. For the last year, I’ve been continuing to witness this magic and unrelenting energy! In light of this story, we’ve decided to donate a bunch of forks to the CSI community so no awesome innovator has to struggle to eat salad. Though, we should keep some chopsticks around; they may not be ideal for eating salad but turns out they are pretty damn good at breaking ice.

21: What’s up with Yo Lease?

This week we bring you a Tip: know what’s up with your lease! Offices – You will be signing a new lease for your new home! New leases will be sent out in the next couple weeks. Most of you have already spoken with Stefan about your new space and have found out about a nifty office scoring system the team has used to compare and match offices at 215 to 192. If you have any questions at all about this process please reach out to Stefan directly stefan(at)socialinnovation.ca! Private Desk & Cluster Desks – You won’t need to sign a new lease. We’ve used a zoning process to give you a space similar to or better than what you have now. If you’d like to chat about where you’ll be moving, book a time with Stefan here, otherwise you’ll find out where you’ll be at 192 in the next couple weeks! Hot Desk – You won’t need to sign a new lease, you can also chillax.

20: Leases Out!

This week we bring you an Action! Get your Change Letter (and sign it if you’re an office), and book a tour of 192 (if you want)!

19: Claim your Stuff & Declutter!

This week we bring you an Action: Claim your belongings in the common spaces! Okay so declutter month officially begins in June, but the DECA’s are getting an early start in the common spaces. If your stuff is stashed in a creepy closet or dusty corner without a clear label, there’s a 100% chance it’ll be tossed, traded, or taken home by a new lucky owner unless you get it out of there or clearly label it.

18: Clue 2, Decipher the Board!

This week is the CLUE #2 in a series of clues that’ll lead you to a special thing as we near the move to 192. The clue is on the chalkboard in the lounge, illustrated by @samacanvass. The answer is two or three words.

17: Revolution Begins in the Kitchen: Origins of Salad Club!

Ten years ago, in February 2018, in a time only a select few will remember, Eric Squair was a CSI Spadina member. And Eric had the clever idea to invite Spadina members to communally build salads.
Since then Salad Club has been taken up at each of the CSI TO locations and the space has been filled with every type of salad ingredient imaginable. Salad Club has been sponsored, hacked, crashed, leveled up, themed, and contained Not Salad.

In February 2008, I sent an email inviting CSI to it’s first ever Salad Club. I sent it on a whim, as an experiment I hoped would bring people at CSI together. Ten years later I am happy to see Salad Club still going strong. CSI was a different space when I sent the email. The fourth floor at Spadina had recently opened, more than doubling CSI as it expanded from the first floor. I had recently become a tenant – the new kid in a new space. I knew a few people to say ‘Hi’, but most tentants I only interacted with when we held the glass door open for each other. It wasn’t an unfriendly space, but there weren’t as many opportunities to get to know each other as there are today. I wanted to change that. In my previous job at Greenpeace we held a weekly Salad Club, a salad potluck where people brought an ingredient or two to share. The magic number was six: with six or more people we could pull together elaborate salad bars that were the best lunch of the week. Greenpeace can be an intense place to work, with intense people and projects, and it was great to drop everything and share a simple meal each week. I knew there was potential for bringing people together at CSI in a similar way. Add the fact that a simple salad (in a plastic container!?) cost ten bucks at a now-defunct salad restaurant on Spadina, and I know I had to launch Salad Club. A few things jump out at me about the invite to the first Salad Club. No one knew wth a “Salad Club” was, but they still opened the email and participated. We held it twice a week at first. No one ever came up with a better name than “Salad Club”, though a few attempts were made. I have seen Salad Club adopted at coworking spaces in Vancouver and London, England. I have heard from former CSI tenants who spread the concept to their next jobs and spaces in many different countries. I hear the International Space Station is considering it if they can get fresh greens (okay that’s not true I made that up) Salad Club didn’t invent the idea of people sharing food, but it’s a testament to how powerful such a simple communal meal can be. I hope Salad Club has helped make your time spent at CSI better, and that you take it with you to your next space.

16: Declutter Month

JUNE is DECLUTTER MONTH! Next week on June 12th we have 1-800-junk coming to pick up our garbage. Between now and then we’re asking everyone to start eliminating the unnecessary. The Alterna Savings room is booked out on the 12th and will be our depository for the day. Ahhhhhhh do you remember how good it feels to get rid of your baggage and start fresh? I feel lighter just thinking about it.

15: Junk Day!

Junk day! (If you’re reading this it’s not too late, we’ll have one more before we move)

14: Clue 3, Loose Lips!

This week on the chalkboard you’ll find the 3rd clue in a series of clues that will lead you towards something special and secret as we say goodbye to 215. We’ve had a hard time keeping our lips sealed on this one…. but if you pay attention the clues will guide you in the right direction.

13: Collecting Stories of 215: The Goodbye Book!

Sign the goodbye book, it’s in the lounge, right now! (Yes still now, will be there until we move)

12: TIP: How to Shred, What to Shred

This month we are providing opportunities for members to deal with their files before we move. Save the date: Tuesday July 17th we will be providing document shredding services through Shred-it. Boxes will arrive on site and stay for a week. To prepare you, CSI member Lisa Ricciuti from Smart Info Management has provided a tip sheet on how to tackle your documents; which to save, scan, recycle, or shred. You can find the sheet attached, as well as printed copies in the lounges.

11: Inspirational Quotes!

This week we’re asking for your input for 192. The walls in our new home will be receiving a dressing of some inspirational words to lift our sails of innovation, and we want to know… what are your favourite inspirational quotes?

10: Shredding Week!

This week is Shredding Week! What better way to celebrate the end of single digits than to begin shredding your excess paper? That’s what we thought and have arranged Shred-It boxes to be here for a week.

10: Clue 4, A CSI Math Problem

This week I bring you your 4th clue — and for those of you with math anxiety like myself, I encourage you not to back down because this is a key piece of information for the surprise.
@samacanvass has illustrated an equation on the board using move-related facts that if calculated correctly will provide you with some info. Don’t forget bedmas, and the units are PM’s.

8: Stories of 215: Cycle Toronto’s 10 Year Anniversary

We have 8 Salad Clubs until the move, and today we’ll be hearing a story from Cycle TO, who is celebrating their 10 year anniversary this year. Read below for their story.

Cycle Toronto has been a proud member of CSI since our inception in 2008 and being part of this wonderful community has been instrumental to our growth. Back then, we were called the Toronto Cyclists Union and our mandate was to advance biking as a viable mode of transportation in Toronto. We started with a, shall we say, cozy office on the 3rd floor of CSI Annex, where our hardworking staff worked tirelessly, elbow-to-elbow, to build a strong and engaged membership, run education and encouragement programs to get people across Toronto riding bikes, and spending countless hours at City Hall to ensure bike lanes were on the agenda when it comes to transportation decisions. As a cycling advocacy organization, we live our mission, which means that we get around by bike and transport all of our materials – including tents, tables, and bike maintenance equipment – to our many outreach events. When we first started we had to store all of our materials in the ~*~*mysterious boiler room*~*~ at CSI Annex, and getting them out to the door involved a fine balance of strength and dexterity to hoist our heavy trailer up those steps and into the back alley to load up. In 2016, we moved to our current space here at Spadina, where we thankfully have access to an elevator and much more storage space!

7: Mail Month: Change your Mailing Address

Have questions about how to do this? Check out our FAQ!

I have great news: We are officially set up to receive mail at 192 Spadina! Meaning that you are now able to change over your mailing address for the people whose mail you still want to receive. Until the time of the move in September, DECAs will pick it up there, and bring it back here.

6: Mail Month: Mail a Letter to Yourself!

This week we are mailing a letter to your future self to set your intentions as a company or organization in our new space, to be delivered to you on your first day. Below are some questions to inspire you:
What will your new home be like?
What ways of thinking/ being / acting are you leaving behind?
What ways of thinking / being / acting are you bringing with you?
What new ways of thinking / being / acting are you starting anew?

5: The Clues: An Overview

This week is a clue overview week! Having a tough time with our clues? @samacanvass has summarized them on the board to help spell it out for you, but you need to get up close to see. These will be relevant soon so I expect to see chalk on the tips of your noses.

4: Stories of CSI, The Library!

3: The Goodbye Wine & Cheese!

2: Two Salad Clubs Left!

2: The Final 215 Salad Club


Thanks so much for following along, and come visit us at 192!