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Our Team

Our Staff

CSI is led by a multidisciplinary team of entrepreneurs, innovators, community builders, systems thinkers, designers and all around badass changemakers.


Kyle Shantz
Managing Director
Tonya Surman
Chief Executive Officer

Member Animation & Services

Natasha Adu
Coordinator of Membership and Business Development
Gonzalo Duarte
Director of Coworking Design & Operations
Marvin Farouse
Facilities Technician
Thomas Finlayson
Facilities Manager
Deenie Flannery
Glen Guerin
Sami Saeed M. Hassan
Leasing Manager
Stefan Hostetter
Director of Animation
Marcus Huynh
Community Manager
Elvira Omarbagaeva
Community Operations Coordinator
Tara Marina Pearson
Community Manager
Amanda Singh
Community Operations Coordinator

Events & Meetings

Amy Castator
Event Staff
Merve Ceyhan
Event Staff
Dimitra Chronopoulos
Event Staff
Alyshia Collins
Meeting Rooms & Events Manager
Geoff Doner
Event Staff
Maria Espinosa
Meeting Rooms & Events Coordinator
Meeting Rooms & Events Coordinator
Leanne Leung
Event Staff
Matteo Di Mascio
Event Staff
Cat Nimmo
Event Staff
Ethan Surman
Event Staff
Rachel Wang
Event Staff


Kirtan Shrestha
Accounting Manager
Andrea Tsang
Director of Finance

Marketing & Communications

Ashley K.
Digital Marketing and Communications Coordinator
Colleen Mahaffie
Marketing and Communications Manager


Nareg Karamardian
Full-Stack Software Developer
Will Mattfeld-Sarbaugh
Director of Digital Services

Wasan Island

Peter Vanderploeg
Facilities Manager

TechSoup Canada

Accounts Manager
Accounts Manager
Digital Education Coordinator
Director, Operations
Jane Zhang
Executive Director, TechSoup Canada
Accounts Manager
Director, Program & Partnerships


Val Fox
Board Member
Pino Di Mascio
Board Member
Nick Parker
Board Member
Colin Yee
Board Treasurer
Brian Iler
Board Secretary
George Dark
Board Vice Chair
Seana Irvine
Board Chair
Manu Kabahizi
Board Member


Mary Rowe | Founding Board Member 2004 – 2015

Eric Meerkamper | Board Chair 2004 – 2014

Margaret Zeidler | Co-Founder and Founding Board Member 2004 – 2010

Jini Stolk | Board Member 2005 – 2014

Sandy Crawley | Founding Board Member 2004 – 2008

Jacline Nyman | Board Member 2005 – 2008

Andre Sorensen | Board Member 2007 – 2016

Alice Klein | Board Member 2008 – 2017

Jeb Brugmann | Board Member  2010 – 2017

Bernie Li | Board Member 2011 – 2018

Marie Moliner | Board Member 2011 – 2019; Board Chair 2014 – 2019

Tim Draimin | Board Member 2015 – 2019

Rizwan Tufail | Board Member 2016 – 2019

Eric McGoey | Board Member 2016 – 2017

Rahul Raj | Board Member 2016 – 2021

Rebecca Shields | Board Member 2018 – 2023; Board Chair 2021 – 2023

Helen Yung | Board Member 2018 – 2021

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