CSI’s Business Model Innovation Accelerator

CSI’s Business Model Innovation Accelerator

The Business Model Innovation Accelerator is an intensive program designed to accelerate the success and amplify the impact of 25 dedicated entrepreneurs leading promising Ontario social enterprises (for-profits, nonprofits and cooperatives) at the revenue stage.


About Lean for Flourishing Startups

The Centre for Social Innovation, with the support of the Ontario Centres of Excellence, has partnered with Lean4Flourishing: an innovative, experiential start-up program based on six years of research and practice that focuses on designing sustainable and scalable organizations that generate “tri-impact” value (financial, social and environmental). The program builds on the proven value of Lean Startup, design thinking, systems thinking, co-creative leadership and  business modeling to create the Lean4Flourishing method, powered by a new generation of tools, such as the Flourishing Business Canvas and the Future Fit Business Benchmark. Over a 17-week period from January to May 2017, selected participants will take part if 5 full-day experiential labs, 5 half-day coaching sessions, and 8 half-day peer learning/support sessions.

Meet the Enterprises

Be With
Barbara Erochina

Be With which exists to support the mental and emotional health of individuals and organizations through one on one coaching, workshops and physical products, including the popular Cards for Self-Care deck.


Bear Standing Tall & Associates
Jason Carter

Bear Standing Tall & Asssociates offers you the opportunity to expand your skills and awareness by participating in BSTA’s experiential and wholistic approach to education and training. Through ICST, you gain authentic Indigenous wisdom and knowledge to build new, effective and practical methods of engagement.


Jude Star

The CEC makes the experience of reality more awe-some. We do this by exploring and curating mind-body practices from all traditions in community, in an engaged, playful and always pluralistic way.


Coach Elle
Michelle Gibson

At Coach Elle, we believe in challenging the status quo. As mental health coaches, we’re on a mission to create innovative and transformative solutions to tackle today’s mental health crisis.


Coffee Shed
Gerald Fantone

“A social enterprise coffee bar and catering service operated by adults with developmental disabilities offering nostalgic artisanal baked goods, salads, and sandwiches.”


The Dance Ability Movement
Jade & Mallory Ryan

Mallory and Jade are Occupational Therapists and Dance Instructors who have created The Dance Ability Movement to provide inclusive and meaningful opportunities for individuals with additional needs to improve their health and wellness through dance. Through capacity building, education, and advocacy, they are working to establish inclusive dance studio communities.


Chloe Doesburg

The Drift app provides a window to local arts, culture & history. Enjoy stories, events and audio tours from organizations like Spacing, Waterfront Toronto, The Toronto Dreams Project, Queerstory, First Story, Track Toronto, Toronto Arts Foundation, Jane’s Walk and more.


Earth + City
Cassandra Rizzotto

Earth + City is a purpose-driven food company that solves a food waste problem. Our plant-based juice pulp crackers restore a full circle approach to food production.


The Fair Trade Show
Rafik Riad

The Buy Good. Feel Good. Expo is Canada’s only show dedicated to organizations that put people and planet first. Our exhibitors include fair trade companies, ethical investment firms, responsible and ethical travel agencies and many more.


Garrison Creek Media
Naomi Wise

For over two decades, Garrison Creek Media has been creating award-winning documentaries for television and for organizations. This year they are launching a downtown production studio to facilitate the creation of media projects for individuals and small enterprises.


International Association for Human Values Canada
Fateh Chohan

The mission of International Association for Human Values (IAHV) is to restore basic human values to create a stress free, violence free world. Through the the use of its unique emotional management technology, IAHV offers educational programs for Schools, Prisons, corporations, veterans and general public to reduce stress and impart better mind management.


Jessie’s – The June Callwood Centre for Young Women (All about Kindness)
Liora Sobel

All About Kindness is a social enterprise offering prenatal, birth and postpartum services in the Toronto Area. Our objective is to provide young mothers with employment training and skills in establishing a sustainable livelihood.


JMA Consulting
Joe Murray

JMA Consulting are expert providers of CiviCRM. We help non-profit and advocacy organizations improve relationships with their stakeholders using the best constituency relationship management software designed from the ground up for their needs.


Lady Gaia
Kat Gibson

At Lady Gaia, we specialize in facilitating connection to the Earth through the ritual of growing food. We honour the therapeutic and healing qualities that working with the Earth provides.


LoyalTeam Environmental
Daria Smeh

At LoyalTeam Environmental our 45 consultants provide cutting edge, high quality climate mitigation and adaptation consulting services. Our Principles: Quality, Collaboration, Equity.


Music Without Barriers
Adrian Moody

Music Without Barriers: a non-profit organization helping individuals living with disabilities make great music and smash barriers. We provide integrative music experiences, combining the right people, technologies, techniques and environments.


Newcomer Kitchen
Cara Benjamin-Pace

Newcomer Kitchen creates social and economic opportunity for newcomers through food based projects. Launched as a NFP last year it has a strong focus on social enterprise as a means to empower and support newcomers and help build bridges into their local communities.


Claudia De Simone

Nocker is a technology platform that connects skilled refugees and newcomers with jobs. Nocker is a project of Dubarah, a global network that bridges Syrian refugees’ problems with solutions.


Pollen Nation
Corina Ottnad

Pollen Nation has developed the Buzz Box kit to raise awareness of the vital link between bees, our food supply and our future. The Buzz Box kits are distributed to schools, garden centers and communities across Canada.


POW Hearing Solutions
Laura Mather

We help make business communications Hearing Friendly for you, your customers, and employees – so that your message is clearly communicated – as is your willingness to include everyone in the conversation.


Project Neutral
Katie Harper

Katie Harper is Director of Project Neutral (Tides Canada), which helps residents reduce their household carbon footprint and join the transition to a low-carbon future.



Robyn Hochglaube

CitizenRad is a lifestyle brand targeting the niche market of 13-19 year olds. We deliver fashion products that encourage giving with every purchase and offer a new source of donations to recognized charities.


The Roots Collaborative
Halyna Zalucky

The Roots Collaborative (TRC) offers diverse expertise and collective wisdom that help our clients institute sustainable policies, practices and building design.



Start With Me
Mike Stroh

Starts With Me is a company of ‘Peers’ leading a post-institutional mental health care movement. We create platforms to support gaps in education and services along with empowering families and individuals to increase their capacity for well-being.


The Sustainable Economist
Claire-Helene Heese-Boutin

The Sustainable Economist teaches people how the financial system works and empowers them to manage their own money in low-cost funds that have a positive impact on people and planet.


Vicis Labs
Tricia Jose

Vicis Labs is a social enterprise that leverages behavioural science, design, and technology to achieve improvements in financial health, literacy, and inclusion.



Vision Quest Event Management
Jennifer Forde

Vision Quest Event Management is an event design boutique that works with our clients to develop a creative, cohesive, portfolio of efficient event experiences that increase company visibility and helps grow their business.


Kim Kirton

A Fashion inspired start-up that wants to revolutionize how we consume clothes and how often. Through an innovative approach of capsule wardrobes, we are able to show people how less can be more and how to build effective wardrobes that benefit the people and the planet.

Lab Leaders

Ondine HogeboomOndine Hogeboom, @ondineHB / LinkedIn

Ondine is one of the designers and lead facilitators of the Lean4Flourishing program. Ondine is a serial social entrepreneur having started seven social enterprises, holds a MBA and is a Certified Intrinsic Coach and Mindfulness facilitator. Together with Antony Upward she co-founded Lean4Flourishing in January 2016 to bring flourishing enterprise methods, tools, and techniques to help entrepreneurs start organizations that are tri-profitable: financially viable, socially beneficial and environmentally regenerative. She is an active member of the Strongly Sustainable Business Model Group, a global community of practice focused on business model innovation. Her e-book Lean Start-up for Social Purpose Organizations is due to be released in April 2017. Ondine has spent the last three years developing and testing a coaching and mentorship program for social entrepreneurs focused on business model innovation.


Anthony UpwardAntony Upward, @aupward / LinkedIn

Antony is one of the designers and lead facilitators of the Lean4Floursing program. He is a Certified Management Consultant with 28 years in design and implementation of management information systems for Apple, Bell Canada, CGI, AT&T and others. Antony is a co-founder of the Strongly Sustainable Business Model Group, a global community of practice and knowledge mobilization initiative hosted by OCAD University’s Strategic Innovation Lab. He is a Sustainability Business Architect co-founder of Better My Business in January 2014 to bring flourishing enterprise methods, tools, and techniques to help small and medium businesses thrive and co-founder of Lean4Flourishing. He also has a Masters of Environmental Studies in Business Model Design and Sustainability, where his thesis research originated the concept of the Flourishing Business Canvas.

Lab Coaches

Harvey Weisfeld, LinkedIn

Harvey Weisfeld, founder wiserSolutions, has over 25 years of starting and running cutting-edge, mission-based businesses in the food service, import & wholesale, clothing, and home furnishings industries. For the past five years he has been consulting and coaching business leaders & working with social enterprises in areas including holistic health products and services, food, and fashion using a holistic systems approach.


Petra Kassun Mutch, LinkedIn

Activist entrepreneur, former book publishing executive, and mom who is capable of both dining at the Waldorf and living in her car. She is the founder and CEO of Fifth Town Artisan Cheese, Former executive director for the Imagination Catalyst, OCAD University’s start-up incubator. She’s a social entrepreneur in residence at Community Innovation Lab and the founder of Liisbeth.


Robin Cory, LinkedIn

Robin advises non-profit organizations and foundations in Canada on how to achieve greater strategic clarity. Based in Toronto, she is the co-founder of Colbeck Strategic Advisors, a firm focused on supporting social sector leaders to make more informed strategic decisions to increase their social impact. Her clients work on issues as diverse as education, health, food security, immigration, youth skills development and social finance, among many others.


Marisol Fornoni, LinkedIn

Marisol Fornoni has a Masters from the London School of Economics and Political Science in Gender, Development and Globalization. Marisol has worked with nonprofits, social enterprises and incubators across the Greater Toronto Area to develop fundraising strategies and roll out development plans that include prospect research,  individual giving, major asks, sponsorship and case for support planning.


If you have any questions about the Business Model Innovation Accelerator, please contact Barnabe Geis, Manager of Impact & Accelerators, at Barnabe@socialinnovation.ca.