Desk Exchange Community Animator Program

CSI is a network of networks, and the connections you make could change your life.

Are you a social entrepreneur or innovator looking to be part of a dynamic community? Do you love meeting new people and solving new problems every day? Would you exchange eight hours a week for a fantastic free workspace? The DECA program is perfect for you. (Want to hear first-hand how this program has changed lives? Read these amazing testimonials!)

What is a DECA?

To literally spell it out, DECA stands for:
Desk (the welcome desk of one of the CSI locations)
Exchange (you volunteer in exchange for unlimited desk hours and 10 meeting room hours)
Community (you are the heart of the CSI community)
Animator (you are a connector of ideas and people)

So a “DECA” is someone who welcomes people as they arrive at a CSI building. They are the first faces people see when they arrive at a CSI location, and they set the tone for the rest of that experience.

Why become a DECA?

No pressure, but DECAs are the glue that keeps the CSI community together. This program is perfect for anyone wanting to learn about social innovation by immersing themselves in it. CSI is a network of networks with over 2,500 members. On any given day you could meet someone who will change your life. Some DECAs have gone on to start their own companies. Others have joined organizations working out of CSI. A handful have even become full-time CSI staff.

Who becomes a DECA?

DECAs are diverse in every way. They have varied backgrounds including race, ethnicity, gender and gender identity, age, socio-economic status, national origin, sexual orientation, ability and religion. But they all have excellent customer service, organization, communications, and problem solving skills. (And an commitment to approaching tasks with sincerity, care, fun and goodwill.)

What does a DECA do?

The short answer:
Provide exceptional customer service while efficiently and gracefully handling whatever comes their way.

The long answer:
Run the Welcome Desk – Welcome every visitor to CSI with enthusiasm and energy. Handle phone and in person inquiries. Manage and book meeting rooms Keep an eye on office supplies making sure we’re always ready for anything! Responsibilities are between 8:30AM and 4:30PM or 11am an 7pm on any weekday.

Be a Host – Be CSI’s number one fan. Take visitors on mini-tours of the space. Prep meeting rooms. Help organize and participate in community events. Ensure all our services are offered in an appropriate and culturally competent manner to a culturally and socioeconomically diverse range of communities.

Clean and Tidy! – What more is there to say? Maintain a spotless space ensuring everyone’s experience at CSI is awesome. That means getting your hands dirty!

Increase Efficiency – Suggest new work practices and processes to improve CSI’s flow and facilitate our mission.

Offer IT Support – Support members using our photocopiers, printers, audio visual equipment, phones and teleconferencing equipment.

Other duties as suggested – We’d always want to hear what ideas DECAs have about how to support our operations and community.