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Art of Hosting Workshop at Wasan Island

The Art of Hosting: Play Dialogue Presence Creativity Innovation Authenticity

** The 2023 Art of Hosting workshop is FULL. If you’d like to be added to the waitlist, please fill out the form below. **

Please join us for the Art of Hosting: Living Systems Leadership residential learning experience at Wasan Island with Rehana Tejpar, Sophia Horwitz, Moyo Rainos Mutamba, and Gregory Woolner from July 4-7. This is a 4-day residential learning experience for leaders seeking to deepen and expand the art and practices of participatory, inclusive and adaptive leadership. Participants will have the opportunity to upskill their facilitation with powerful practices for hosting conversations, meetings and engagements. We will explore practices for effectively harnessing the collective intelligence and self-organizing capacities in groups across a diversity of perspectives in inclusive and equitable ways. Hosted on Wasan Island on Lake Rousseau, the beautiful traditional lands of the Anishnaabe and Mississauga Nation, this place will be one of our teachers throughout our time together. With nature as our guide, we will practice living systems leadership together, working at the intersection of the personal, interpersonal and systemic. 

"The Art of Hosting taught me the fundamentals of facilitation upon which CSI was built. This 4 day training will provide you with the heart and soul of what it takes to embed convening, facilitation and co-creation into everything that you do."

Why take the Art of Hosting?

Uniquely, this workshop integrates the power of play, dialogue, and presence for strengthening our capacity to be authentic, creative and innovative together. You are invited to bring your ideas, projects and challenges to work on, co-create with others and find ways to apply the learning in your own contexts after the training. For more on the Art of Hosting approach, check out

  1. To improve your facilitation skills: The Art of Hosting teaches a set of facilitation practices that can help you design and lead meetings and conversations that are more inclusive, collaborative, and effective.
  2. To build your participatory leadership capacity: The Art of Hosting is also a leadership development approach that can help you cultivate skills like empathy, active listening, and collaborative decision-making.
  3. To support change and transformation: The Art of Hosting is often used in contexts where change and transformation are needed, such as in community development, organizational change, or social innovation. By learning the Art of Hosting, you can gain tools and strategies for hosting conversations and events that can catalyze positive change.
  4. To connect with a global network: The Art of Hosting is a global community of practitioners and learners who share a common approach to facilitation and leadership. By taking an Art of Hosting training, you can connect with this network and gain access to a wealth of resources, support, and learning opportunities.
  • Improve your facilitation skills through a set of practices to design and lead meetings.
  • Build your participatory leadership capacity by cultivating skills like empathy, active listening, and collaborative decision-making.
  • Support change and transformation in community development, organizational change, and social innovation.
  • Connect with a global network of practitioners and learners who share a common approach to facilitation and leadership.

The 2023 Art of Hosting workshop takes place July 4-7 at Wasan Island.

Wasan Island is situated on Lake Rosseau, in the heart of the Muskoka Lakes. Wasan Island is being operated in 2023 through a partnership between the Breuninger Foundation (German Foundation and owner) and the Centre for Social Innovation (Canadian Social enterprise and operator). For more information, check out our webpage!

Your hosting team brings decades of experience training others and bringing  participatory leadership practices in a wide range of contexts, from government, tech, non-profits, arts organizations, social justice movements, Indigenous communities and social institutions. They are experienced facilitators, coaches and leaders in their own right, and practitioners with a depth of experience in the global Art of Hosting community.  May we introduce you to…

Rehana TejparHeadshot of Rehana Tejpar

Rehana Tejpar, M. ED is a facilitator, mediator and coach working with organizations and leaders to become more aligned, whole, collaborative, and co-creative in their movements forward, together. She often accompanies organizations in their change processes towards equitable culture change, organizational health, participatory leadership and deepening belonging. She is deeply serious and deeply playful at once, believing in the need for strategies that include creativity & play as ways to open up the fields of possible transformations, and reconnecting our mind, body, heart and spirit. She has a Masters in Education from the Ontario Institute of Studies in Education, in Sociology and Equity Studies in Education and is a practitioner of Art of Hosting Conversations that Matter, Dialogue for Peaceful Change, Theatre of the Oppressed and InterPlay.  She has worked to facilitate participatory and equity-centered change within organizations and social movements with Greenpeace Canada, Oxfam Canada, The Catherine Donnelly Foundation, Canadian Heritage, The Canadian Evaluation Society, amongst others, and co-developed Righting Relations, a women-led network of adult educators for social change across Indigenous, Immigrant and low-income communities in Turtle Island. You can find more about her at

Sophia Horwitz

Headshot of Sophia Horwitz

Sophia brings a systems lens to her work as a community builder, designer, facilitator, and leadership coach. She comes alive supporting the potential of people and groups on their journey to a flourishing future. Sophia has a vision for the more connected and just world and has committed to help launch programs, projects and organizations that work towards this such as Participatory Budgeting in Halifax, Participatory Cities in Canada and cross-country Placemaking research and network development. Sophia brings 16 years experience leading civic and social innovation initiatives and transformative collaborative processes in Canada, Cuba, Honduras, Japan, Denmark, and Sweden. From strategic visioning sessions for a non profit, to large scale public engagement around a civic asset, to a multi year systems change initiative Sophia seeks to bring deep listening, presence and clarity for wiser action and more conscious impact. To learn more about Sophia’s work:

Moyo Rainos Mutamba

Headshot of Moyo Rainos Mutamba

Moyo Rainos Mutamba, MSW (Social Justice and Diversity) Ph.D. (Social Justice Education) is a dynamic leader who is deeply committed to promoting equity and social justice around the world. With a passion for facilitation and strategy development, Moyo has dedicated their career to empowering individuals and communities to become agents of change. Moyo is particularly interested in shared leadership and stewarding whole systems change. He believes that true transformation is only possible when everyone is engaged in the process, and that the most effective solutions come from a collaborative approach. As a skilled facilitator, Moyo is able to bring together diverse groups of people to work towards a common goal. In addition to their work at the organizational level, Moyo is also deeply committed to grassroots community development. They have used facilitation to support communities around the world to identify their own needs and develop strategies to address them. Moyo recognizes the importance of cultural context and works closely with communities to ensure that their solutions are culturally appropriate and sustainable.

Gregory Woolner

Headshot of Gregory Woolner

Greg is a passionate facilitator and life-long learner that is dedicated to tackling social and environmental challenges one step at a time through interdisciplinary collaboration and rigorous research. He brings over 15 years of experience in facilitation, process design, developmental evaluation, and leadership capacity building.  Greg’s love of participatory processes started as he led hundreds of music and drumming workshops across Ontario. In recent years his work has been focused on leading major public engagement campaigns for the Province of Nova Scotia and Halifax Regional Municipality and teaching the Sustainability Leadership Certificate at Dalhousie University.  He also supports strategic initiatives and experimentation in organizations across Canada in his role as a Developmental Evaluator, with groups such as the Canada’s Ecofiscal Commission, Donner Canadian Foundation, Pan-Canadian Joint Consortium on Comprehensive School Health, Ecology Action Centre, Heartwood Centre For Community Youth Development, Participatory Cities Canada, the Atlantic Canada Organic Research Network and more.  Regardless of the content or the official title he’s working under, facilitation of engaging and effective group process and deep listening is at the core of his work. To learn more about Gregory’s work:

Stays at Wasan Island are all inclusive – yes, that means your room, food, drink, and activities are all covered! Not to mention that the food is world class (prepared by our on-island chef), the drinks are delicious, and the activities include a sauna, two hot tubs, games, kayaks, canoes, and a beautiful lake for swimming.


There are three different levels of accommodation available for the Art of Hosting workshop at Wasan Island, and include both private and shared options. Prices are per person and all inclusive for your full stay (excluding HST). Read on for a bit more information about each of them. 

Shared Double Room: These include 2 single beds and access to a shared washroom.
Early Bird: $1500
Regular: $1950

Single Private Room: These are private rooms, with either one single, double or queen bed, and a shared washroom. Some of these rooms are in a private bunkie on the Island, or within a larger building.
Early Bird: $2000
Regular: $2400

Premium Room: These are either shared (2 queen beds) or private (1 king bed). Washrooms are ensuite.
Early Bird: $2500
Regular: $3150

* We are working on a scholarship program for equity-deserving individuals. If this interests you, please reach out to

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