Community Resilience Fund

Building the Next Economy:
Introducing The Community Resilience Fund


Together begins now

The Community Resilience Fund has been established to accelerate the transition of CSI, our affiliate charity the Social Innovation Institute (SII) and our members towards the creation of the next economy, one that fosters caring and wellbeing, one that puts people and planet first.

The Fund will help people adapt to the multiple demands and challenges of the COVID-19 pandemic, taking action today that creates the future we need tomorrow. 



From pandemic to shared prosperity 

When COVID-19 forced the lockdown of the economy, CSI and SII did what we do best: we looked to the power of community-helping-community and developed innovative solutions to get through this crisis. 

We introduced emergency supports to help ensure no one would be left behind due to the financial hardship brought on by the pandemic by introducing a pay-what-you-can Community Rent Pool. Our program and animation teams also took up the challenge of helping to organize and support our members by launching CSI Supports, moving events, workshops and accelerators online and providing ‘concierge’ services to connect people to the many government support programs available. 

We know, from our member survey (CSI COVID-19 Impact Report) that many in our community are struggling financially. Many are beginning to shut their doors, layoff staff and adjust to significantly less service delivery, in these challenging times when they are needed more than ever.

In this moment of incredible disruption, there is the opportunity to influence if our future will be better for all or just some. We are being shifted to the next economy. The question is: what it will look like and how can we ensure that it is one that works for everyone? Will the investments in new infrastructure be carbon free? Will life become more or less affordable? Will it bring prosperity to all? How do we reboot an economy by harnessing the energy of social entrepreneurs? What systemic change do we need, and how do we get there?


Funding a better future: the Community Resilience Fund

Launched jointly by CSI and SII, The Community Resilience Fund will help organize our communities around a regenerative economic reset.

Through a combination of targeted and sector-wide initiatives, the Fund is helping social innovators and entrepreneurs respond from the challenges of COVID-19, support their recovery and galvanize our collective efforts to reimagine what a better world will look like on the other side. Here’s how….


What will Community Resilience Fund donors support?

Contribute to direct member support and services: Support those facing economic hardship continue to access affordable workspaces, programs and services by contributing to the Community Rent Pool and CSI Supports.

Build awareness of what’s possible through the Next Economy Conversations: monthly dialogues with change-makers who are paving the way towards a sustainable, equitable, and prosperous economy. 

Help women-lead social enterprises retool and adapt: We’re taking our accelerator programs online. The Women of Ontario Social Enterprise Network (WOSEN), helps women-owned enterprises to start, grow and sustain their organizations as they navigate through the COVID-19 crisis to recovery. 

Launch the Common Platform, starting with the Community Resilience Dialogues: COVID-19 has brought an incredible need and opportunity for us to align for action across Canada to catalyze the community resilience and systems change. The Common Platform is a digital infrastructure designed to facilitate this massive collaboration. 

Develop comprehensive systemic responses to the social and economic impacts of COVID-19 through national, sector-wide collaborations focused on helping to unleash the power and potential of social enterprise and impact investing. This work has identified three key needs and three priority actions that would form a comprehensive response. 


We are in this together. We need each other.

Above all, the Community Resilience Fund is about people helping people to get through this, together, sowing the seeds for fundamental, transformative changes. It’s about acting with courage, humanity and care, as we address challenging issues, develop solutions and take responsibility for our collective future.

No one knows how this story will end. Time will tell and history will be our judge. But we want to be sure we create a positive chapter. Let’s make sure this moment doesn’t pass… donate today.