We don’t just encourage community. We depend on it! The energy of our space comes from hundreds of exceptional people who visit and work here every day. We’re a community of nonprofits, for-profits, entrepreneurs, artists and activists working across sectors to create a better world.


We host an incredible array of events, from capacity-building workshops to discussions of emerging issues and frameworks.


What starts as a group of people coming together to share workspace becomes a community through careful and deliberate animation. Community animation is the glue that holds a shared workspace together and the air that breathes vitality into the lives of everyone who moves through it. We bring our members together for collaboration and impact.


Our members represent the full diversity of the social mission sector. From grassroots community projects to full-fledged social enterprises, our members are active in areas from health and the environment to arts and social justice.


Our staff includes facilitators, leaders, project managers, community builders, program coordinators, entrepreneurs, property managers and event organizers with a history of working within and collaborating with the nonprofit, for-profit and public sectors.


Every innovator relies on a network of support and inspiration, and the Centre for Social Innovation is no different! We’re proud to call the following organizations our friends and allies, and we’re working with them to make a difference in our communities and across the world.