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Thousands of organizations, projects and people call the Centre for Social Innovation their home! Use the search box below to find a member or scroll through the listings.

Our Values

It’s up to us

We believe that change happens when people decide to make a difference. We don’t sit back and wait for things to get better: we shape the world in which we live. We’re ready to lead with you!

Blow People’s Minds

Don’t let the blue jeans fool you. We embody excellence, experience & expertise every day. We do our homework, hone our craft and get the job done. We are both gritty and great!

Build Healthy Cultures

Core to the human experience is a sense of belonging. We will be absolute in our pursuit of inclusivity, diversity and openness. We will often smile and sometimes even hug you if you let us. We really love each other. We all have a role in co-creating our amazing community.

Team + Board