As the province and city navigate public health and reopening phases, our very own site teams and facilities staff have returned to reopen CSI Spadina, CSI Annex, and CSI Regent Park for our members.

They continue to sanitize top to bottom, we’ve reconfigured layouts, moved furniture, added directional signs and posters, and to keep our spaces healthy, safe, functional, and attractive for you to return to when you are good and ready.

This CSI Reopening Member Update outlines what we have done, and are doing, to comply with public health and workplace regulations and create a place you can return to with confidence and ease.

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Please contact:

CSI Spadina: 192[at]

CSI Regent Park: 585[at]

Online Community Members: ankit[at]

Meeting Rooms & Events: events[at]

For all other inquiries: info[at]