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As the city and province move towards reopening communal spaces, our teams continue to work together to create welcome, productive, impactful, and safe spaces for our CSI communities inside and beyond our walls.

Measures we’ve taken include:

    • We operate as a fully vaccinated workplace. We ask that everyone who enters our spaces to have at least two doses of a Health Canada approved vaccine
    • Everyone is required to wear a mask while moving through our spaces, particularly in shared spaces such as washrooms, kitchens, hallways, and stairwells
    • Members, please accompany guests to your Offices, Team Tables, or booked Meeting Room 
    • Please ensure that all guests who enter CSI’s beautiful community spaces are familiar with our COVID policies. 
    • Members with Dedicated Desks and Hot Desks must accompany their visitors to booked Meeting Rooms 
    • To protect our community we ask that members take additional steps where possible, such as respecting physical distancing, using partition screens, washing or sanitizing hands often, and sanitizing areas after use
    • Our staff regularly santizes high-touch areas such as desks, mail area, kitchens, washrooms
    • Workspaces have been  configured to create additional space between people

This CSI Reopening Member Update outlines what we have done, and are doing, to comply with public health and workplace regulations and create a place you can return to with confidence and ease.

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