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CSI Community Bonds 2023

Welcome, Community Investors!

The Community Bond allows a nonprofit or charity to leverage its community of supporters to pursue its mission, build its resiliency, and create more vibrant communities. CSI invented the Community Bond in 2010 as a means to turn a non-profit’s social capital into financial capital. Today, the Community Bond is a household name in impact investing, having been replicated around Toronto, and the world.

We used the first Community Bond to raise $2M to purchase our first building, CSI Annex, in 2010. We used the bond a second time in 2014 to raise $4.3M from 227 community investors to buy CSI Spadina. In 2020, we used the Community Bond to invite our community of members and supporters to invest in programs that put people and planet first. CSI has never missed an interest payment, and now has built enough equity to pay out its bondholders many times over. Our success is linked to the success of the Community Bond.

This year, we have a select few openings for new investors. Interested? Read on for more!

Two Bonds to Choose From: Income or Growth

To make it easy for you to invest, we’ve created two types of bonds to choose between: an income bond, and a growth bond.

The income bond (Series H) means that we will pay you out twice annually.

Income (Series H)
Rate: 4.25%
Term: 3 Years
$10,000 Minimum
Interest is paid twice a year

The growth version (Series I) means that we will accrue and compound all of your interest until the end of the term.

Growth (Series I)
Rate: 4.25%
Term: 5 Years
$1,000 Minimum
Interest compounds twice a year, is paid at maturity

Graphic which shows the ranked order of debt obligations in 2023.

Ranked Order of Debt Obligations

CSI Community Bonds have never been safer. All CSI Community Bonds are now registered on both buildings. And CSI has enough equity to pay out all of its bonds three times over.

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