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Events » 360 Virtual Networking – Get Clients and Virtual Partners

360 Virtual Networking – Get Clients and Virtual Partners

For business owners, meeting with qualified prospects is king. And spending too much time with unqualified prospects is one of the easiest ways to tank your company.

So at this FREE Livestream virtual event series, we’ll make it easy for you to meet clients and referral partners – key people in your business who keep your cash flow consistent.

Event sessions include:

  • Get Referral Partners: Guest Day @ The 10 Percent Referral Club
  • Google Chromebook
  • Increase Your LinkedIn Views
  • CRA Info Sessions
  • Build a 6 Figure Podcast
  • Get Clients With Webinars
  • 360 Virtual Networking
  • Build Your Business With Strategic Partners
  • Editing Pictures with WINDOWS 10

You are going to love how easy it is to find clients and referral partners during this week long celebration of Networking.

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