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Events » Accessing your inner compass (A group for expectant mothers)

Accessing your inner compass (A group for expectant mothers)

There is a lot to move through when we’re pregnant. It can be feel like a lot to prepare for while making countless decisions we never had to make before (while often being given lots of advice). We can find ourselves wishing for a compass to guide us through.

That compass is within us. This prenatal group will support you in cultivating the skills you need to access your embodied wisdom and knowing and to strengthen the relationship with your inner compass through pregnancy, birth and parenthood. We will gather together during what can be an exciting and scary time, know that we are not alone, and embrace our unique wisdom and journey.

Get connected to the compass that is within you through:

  • a small, personalised group
  • self-care practices
  • activities to connect to your senses, movement, creativity and intuition
  • a tangible ‘box’ of support structures

Our eight-week group will:

  • be an intimate and confidential group of only 10 pregnant women
  • be facilitated by somatic educator and mother, Dr. Twyla Kowalenko
  • be space for you to be, ground, rest, listen, move, nourish and share
  • leave you with a tangible sense and tools to access your own personal compass
  • gather over zoom and include a private facebook group

Tuesdays 4-6pm EST

8 weekly sessions, beginning March 8, 2022

A video intro

For more information and to register