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Events » Activate Your Power as a Creator Masterclass

Activate Your Power as a Creator Masterclass

This 3-day Masterclass is designed to help soul-led, women-identified entrepreneurs breakthrough the internal barriers that are getting in the way of them realizing the impact and income they sense is possible.

This masterclass is for self-identified women entrepreneurs who:

  • sense there’s a bigger impact they’re here to make with their business but are feeling stuck or stagnant and struggling to break through to the next level

  • are ready to start generating income that is aligned with the level of impact they’re creating for their clients

  • want to discover powerful ways to overcome the internal barriers and beliefs that are keeping them from showing up as the powerful creators they know themselves to be.

This VIRTUAL (zoom) masterclass will run from Tuesday, November 9th to Thursday, November 11th at 12-1pm EST each day.

For more details and to register, click here

**Recordings will be available for those who register.