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Events » Adjusting to the New Normal After COVID-19

Adjusting to the New Normal After COVID-19

If you haven’t heard of us before, we are ConnectAd, a digital marketing agency that works exclusively with nonprofits. After a full year of social distancing and learning to do things differently, we’re gathering together and hosting a virtual panel to reflect on the lasting impact of the pandemic and share our learnings and predictions on what to expect in a post-COVID world.

We invite you to join our FREE virtual panel for nonprofits:

Adjusting to the New Normal After COVID-19

Led by some of the leading experts in nonprofit marketing – Cherian Koshy (Des Moines Fundraising Institute), Mary Barroll (CharityVillage) and Simon Choy (ConnectAd), we’ll discuss what “normal” will look like, along with best practices for using technology when doors have to stay closed and tips on how to communicate with an audience experiencing COVID fatigue.

This panel discussion will provide practitioners and nonprofit leaders with useful insights and the opportunity to ask questions and receive answers.

Register for the free event here.