Africa United (Meet Up)


Apr 19, 2019


Innovaiton Works

201 king street


Africa United is an initiative that Zaire(Congolese dance/activism group) has created to, connecting African millennial together through dance & music. For the proposed of recreating the dynamic of how Africans co-exist with each other in the future. In other words UNITY for MAMA AFRICA.       The three areas we will be working on are...       1) Mindset - " As a man thinketh so he is " ~poverty mindset VS an abundance mindset       2) Character-" You don't get in life what you want you get in life who you are." ~personal development ( tools &skills)       3)Entrepreneurship - "The problem is that there aren’t enough black-owned businesses to hire unemployed black people." ~how to start your own business 101       As an added bonus, every meet up is centered around African Music & African Dance. We Africans know our music is not just noise & rhythm. -It is our way to connect with each other & with yourself -it is our way of releasing stress & practicing self-love -it is our way of telling stories -it is our way of self-expression -it is our way to HEAL the SOUL       **REQUIREMENTS** -DANCING MOOD -OPEN MIND -HIGH VIBES ONLY -AGES 15+ -PEOPLE OF AFRICAN DESCENT ONLY       Its time for change who is READY ??!?    DONT FORGET TO FOLLOW OUR SOCIAL MEDIA PAGES   Instagram: zaire_untoldstories Facebook: Zaire Youtube: Zaire_Productions

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