Nov 18, 2019



$149 [plus HST]

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Annex Improv : Fall 2 [The Halfling] 4 Mondays, 6:30 - 9pm Nov 18 - Dec 9, 2019  The Garage, CSI Annex eTransfer $149 [plus HST] to   HALF-PRICE, HALF-TERM  

1. Take this course [before the holidays] for your own damm sanity. Remember last December?* We have made that fucking month crazy, man. 2. Ask your boss to pay for this shit. There's no reasonable argument against it being Professional Development**. I'm not even joking you. 3. Also, if you have been wanting to take this course, there is a comet heading towards our planet***. This might be your last chance.   * " My incessant Christmastime fussing was driving everyone nuts, myself included, but for some reason I couldn’t stop. By 3 p.m., I was on the stairs, sobbing uncontrollably as I realized that I had somehow forgotten to buy the chicken for the main course. All we had were side dishes. "   ** " The process of brain-to-brain and social-emotional interaction makes improvisation training uniquely effective for strengthening the capacity to cope with uncertainty, manage anxiety and boost the creative thinking that is so essential to navigating an increasingly complex world. "   *** " It will approach Earth in December, but will get nowhere near close enough to hit us. "

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