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We know it’s been a bit. But fret not! We’ve all been rejuvenating this while and you’ve all been in our hearts and minds.

We’re happy to announce ART CLUB IS BACK TUESDAY OCTOBER 5th! 
To start creating + sharing + conversating + sketching + jubilating…and all the other thingy-ings. 

No skill, experience, or talent neccessary, just a willingness to explore, try, and share in some visual storytelling and analysis. 

We’re gonna be going by a pared down schedule now so we can focus on planning and bringing you an intentional and thoughtful space. So, art club will be held twice a month moving forward. 

We’ll be doing a mix of the ‘standard’ 20-minute Quick Sketch format and other formats that we’ve experimented with the past months. There will also be opprtunities to lead sessions if you have a 10-20minute inspo topic you’d be interested in sharing with the group. And we’re hoping to do an in-person meet-up/AGO trip. But more information on that as the schedule and group gets rolling. 

But listen, though consistency and format changeth, the heart of art club–community via art, mediated by screen or not–remaineth. Whether we all come saturated (or depleted) creatively, know we’ll softly whip up the atmosphere for it–it’s all we’ve done the past 1.5 yrs (Holy Pablo Picasso!).

Looking forward to seeing you Tuesday October 5th at 5pm. 

-your Art Club “Animators”, 
Charles, Susan, Richa, Pamela, and Josh