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Jan 29, 2019


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210 Simcoe Street



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Are you looking for advise from seasoned professionals? Our Expert Panel consists of professionals in sales, marketing, business, entrepreneurship and social media. This will be an open forum discussion where we answer all the questions you have about starting or running your business!

We welcome all entrepreneurs, business owners, inspiring business owners, individuals that have an idea, from idea, startup to businesses that have been around for 5+ years. From production, research and development, purchasing, sales/marketing/advertising, human resources, accounting and finance and anything in between.

Who can benefit from this workshop?
- Business owners
- Entrepreneurs or aspiring entrepreneurs
- Anyone look for personal development or to network with like minded individuals
- Anyone in the service industry- dentists, lawyers, contractors, physiotherapists, chiropractors, pest control, tree service/arborists, plumbers, electrical contractors, HVAC, etc.

We have dealt with over 10,000 business owners and helped them grow their business. Let us help you get more ready to buy customers today.