Authentic Branding Workshop


May 25, 2019


CSI Annex

Meeting Room 1


$360 - Early bird $270 until May 1st.

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Do you feel a strong desire to build a heart based business?
Create a brand that is a true reflection of you – communicating your wisdom and values clearly to attract the people you want?
Do you wish to bring more meaning, authenticity and alignment in your current business and your interactions with your team, prospects and clients?

As creatives, entrepreneurs and change-makers we may think we need the latest book, to follow inspirational speakers or to hire an expensive agency to figure out our brands. Truth is, the answers you seek are already inside of you. All you need is some time to reflect, to focus on the right questions and some tools to uncover your brand vision.

What is so unique about our approach is the fusion of eastern philosophies, positive psychology and the use of the five elements we help you build your brand strategy holistically. This half a day workshop includes individual and group exercises to unveil your authentic brand from inside out.

You will learn:

• How to design a profitable business that is aligned with your core values and deeper reasons for wanting to start your own business
• Who your ideal client is and how to use empathic thinking to build deeper relationships and serve him/her/them better
• To be confident in your talents; that what you seek is seeking you
• To maintain a clear vision as you continuously build and grow your brand image from a place of alignment
• The natural order of creative and marketing process – when to hire creative services and how.

As part of the workshop fee you will get your personal Brand Journal (value of $50) to take home, complementary 45min follow-up consultation (value of $250) and a light Plant-Based lunch (priceless and delicious).

The overall the value for Brand Strategy session is over thousand dollars.

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