Branding from the Inside Out workshop


Oct 21, 2019


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Are you unclear about what sets you apart from others in your field? Are you feeling a disconnect between who you are and who you think you "should" be - ie. what image you're putting out into the world ?

No matter what kind of work you're in, getting clear on your personal brand – the image you perpetuate for yourself - is critical to your success and fulfillment. But the outward image MUST align with who you truly are inside if you want to attract your audience and keep their trust.

In this workshop, we go beyond the outward expressions of your brand and get you re-connected to what's most important: who you are at your core.

In this 2-hour workshop, you will :

  • Connect to what your brand is truly about
  • Get more clarity on what sets you apart, where you add value
  • Come away with a clearer picture of “who” you are so you can talk about yourself with more clarity, confidence and consistency
  • Identify ways to live your brand more fully.

This workshop is hosted by The Being Place ~ Coaching & more.

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