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Events » Career Pathways & Newcomer Services: Strengthening the Ecosystem

Career Pathways & Newcomer Services: Strengthening the Ecosystem

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Calling all changemakers! Do you support newcomers with settlement services and pathways to employment? Please join us for some lightly facilitated networking and connection, designed to strengthen the sector ecosystem. We’ll be sharing emblematic stories about our successes, challenges, and impacts. Expand your circle, share resources, and find new collaboration opportunities with partner agencies.

Through CSI’s Community Animator Program (CAP), we work to better position CAP graduates for future career and employment opportunities. At this event, we’re looking forward to connecting with the partner agencies in the industry to build knowledge and explore opportunities for innovation in the newcomer settlement and pathways to employment sector.


3:30 Gather & Welcoming

4:00 Emblematic stories of success, challenge, and impact

4:30 Agency introductions and mapping our work

5:00 Collaboration opportunities

5:30 Networking & social

Join us on the Ground Floor Lounge of CSI Spadina (192 Spadina Ave.) on Wednesday, May 24 from 3:30-6:30pm. This event is free to CSI Members and non-members alike. Register here!