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Apr 8, 2019



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Working or Volunteering with Nonprofits and Social Enterprises 

What is your social good goal? Discover a world of opportunities with nonprofits and social enterprises, and learn how you can develop transferable skills, enhance your career prospects and network through volunteering and board leadership opportunities. 

  • Are you considering a career in the nonprofit and/or social enterprises?
  • Already working in the nonprofit sector and looking to explore other options?
  • Looking to give back and volunteer in the community?
  • Thinking about your future and what positive impact you can have on the world? 

Meet with Michelle Baldwin, Executive Director of Pillar Nonprofit Network and other staff at Innovation Works for a one-hour group discussion. We will explore skills, networking opportunities, individual social responsibility, the hidden job market and tips for finding your dream job or the perfect volunteer role with a nonprofit or social enterprise. 

Additional Details:

  • Please wait in the Edgar & Joes Cafe area to be taken to the room
  • Interested in learning more about Innovation Works? Join us after the talk for a 30 minute tour
  • In the event that Michelle Baldwin is not available, another Pillar staff member will deliver the presentation 

Target Audience: All individuals, including youth and adults looking to learn about working and/or volunteering in the nonprofit community, switch careers and/or explore opportunities to work or volunteer with nonprofits and social enterprises  

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