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Events » Cash Flow Management: Options for Small Businesses

Cash Flow Management: Options for Small Businesses

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This presentation is for managers of small to medium enterprises (SMEs) experiencing or anticipating cash flow challenges.

About this Event

Are you running a business that’s facing cash flow challenges? Join us for this session, presented by DUCA Impact Lab, to learn about your options. This session is intended for founders and managers of enterprises that have already launched and are experiencing (or anticipate) cash flow challenges related to long account receivables cycles, but aren’t able to utilize traditional cash flow solutions such as lines of credit or credit cards.

During this session, you will learn about:

  • Cash flow challenges typically encountered by SMEs
  • Alternatives for solving these challenges, along with pros and cons
  • Leveraging receivables as an alternative to debt
  • Situations that would benefit from an invoice factoring approach, and those that wouldn’t
  • How to Participate in DUCA Impact Lab Financing Pilots

Following Keiths’s presentation, there will be a question and answer period for participants to ask their specific questions.

About the presenter

Keith Taylor is the Executive Director of The DUCA Impact Lab, an innovation hub founded by DUCA Financial Services Credit Union, a hub for leveraging emerging technology and community-based insight to build banking models that benefit all members of the community. His work at DUCA builds on the start to his career in international development working on business planning and financing for community owned businesses in the Caribbean. Since then, Keith has worked in Canada and internationally on a variety on initiatives focused on philanthropy, social enterprise, social finance and strategy. He holds an MBA from the Schulich School of Business at York University and a BA from Saint Francis Xavier University.

About the sponsor, DUCA Impact Lab

The DUCA Impact Lab exists to explore and live test new banking solutions that unlock the potential of banking that benefits all. It brings together a community of experts to dynamically test new ideas, products and services, acting as an ongoing vehicle to explore and tackle challenges currently faced by all participants in the financial system and the underbanked.