Challenge Factory’s Free Remote Co-Working Club


Mar 18, 2020




WHAT: an online co-working environment to keep you focused and support you in achieving your daily goals while you and your team shift to working remotely.

WHEN: March 16-20: 9am EDT; March 23-26 9am PDT/12pm EDT

WHY: Working remotely when you are not used to it can be challenging. And with today’s world events, children home from school and other pressures, even the most experienced remote worker can become distracted.

That’s why we are creating this remote co-working club. It provides a formal start time to your day and helps you create a plan that works before jumping into to tackle the day’s urgent work. Your work and productivity matters to your own well-being and to the health of your organization. Regardless of your sector, seniority or job, if you are working from home you belong to this club. Join us!


9:00: pour yourself a cup of coffee and login.

9:05-9:15: Lisa will introduce a tool to help focus, build and stick to a work plan.

9:10-9:30: Independent planning time. We all stay logged in and work independently.

9:30-9:35: Quick checkpoint and tool review. Coffee refresh if needed!

9:35-9:55 Independent planning/work time. We all stay logged in and work independently.

9:55-10:00 Reflections and send off for a productive day.

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