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Events » Circular Economy 101

Circular Economy 101

Want to learn about the circular economy?

We’re hosting our classic circular economy 101 webinar for the THIRD time!We’ve improved it every time we present it, and we encourage you to bring your questions and ideas to see how it would impact the future of our circular economy.

If you join us live you’ll learn:

➡️ What the linear economy is

➡️ The economic, social and environmental result of the linear economy

➡️ What the circular economy is

➡️ What the incentive structure is for businesses in a linear economy, and how a circular economy shifts that

➡️ What the circular economy looks like in practice

➡️ How to participate in & grow the circular economy

& more!


We’ll have some time remaining for questions and discussion to really get into the sub-topics that interest you!