City of Toronto Youth Space Advocacy Committees Open House


Jun 22, 2018


North York Civic Centre

5100 Yonge Street


We are recruiting for our 2018 cohort! Attend the open house to find out more about YSAC and how you can join the program.

**Open to youth 18 – 24 with experience or interest in the following areas:**

* Design and Technology
* Finance
* Political
* Health and Wellness
* Equity and Diversity
* Media and Marketing
* Culinary Arts

**About the YSAC's**

The YSAC is a program with the City of Toronto (Enhanced Youth Spaces). We focus on 4 areas of learning including, public speaking, creativity, leadership and experience. This is a great opportunity for participants to apply what they learn in school and gain practical experience by developing and implementing dedicated projects for all 11 Enhanced Youth Spaces across the City of Toronto.

You will have an opportunity to meet management and network as well as connecting directly with City of Toronto staff.

**Participants can expect to:**

* Work with staff and community partners in developing innovative community engagement projects
* Gain employable skills through training and hands-on work​
* Get involved in decision making processes
* Enhance personal development​
* Network with city officials
* Receive municipal training
* Develop professional communication skills​
* Network with management and present work throughout the program to management and City Councillors

*Participants can expect to receive a certificate of program competition to add to their resume*

This program is very hands on and practical so participants can understand field work, make connections, and become career ready!

Free event registration can be found here:

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