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5 weekly online sessions to renew your purpose and move forward with integrity and courage.

Perhaps you’re at a crossroads; 

A fork in the path?

Maybe something has shifted, in you; or the world around you?

You long to feel in sync again and see the path ahead clearly.

Consider joining the Inside Outside Retreat Centre for Clarity, five weekly sessions to pause, step back and examine where we are, what we have to offer and how we can move forward in ways that answer our deep longings and serve the world.

We’ll get clear on our strengths and values, and engage strategies to stimulate fresh perspectives and generate possible opportunities. We’ll offer each other gentle, honest questions and encouragement as we workshop new ideas and plans. We’ll pull it altogether with principles for moving forward.

Clarity is in no way prescriptive, nor will it outline a specific path forward. Instead, Clarity offers time and space to contemplate who you are, what you would bring to the world and how you might do that. Clear, time-tested guidelines and structured conversations will support open, non-judgemental interactions. Each person participates to the depth they are comfortable with.


Sometimes it takes a feeling of being unbalanced to bring fresh insights and open new possibilities. 



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