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Events » Co-Working Power Hour [CSI Members]

Co-Working Power Hour [CSI Members]

Welcome to CSI’s Virtual Co-working Power Hour

Join an accountability table for a dedicated work-hour with peers. Bring along your team and grab one of our spacious meeting rooms. Or set yourself up at a desk to work along to low-fi beats for head-down focus and still be able to pop out for a chat with a friendly neighbour when you want to take a break.

Beat the isolation and keep CSI’s Virtual Co-Working tab open while you work, finding comfort knowing there are other CSIers close by.

How is this possible? 

It’s hosted on Gather, a virtual gathering space built to mimic real life interactions. Walk up to people and their videos and voices appear on your screen. Walk away and they disappear. Just like real life, almost. We love it and now we’re experimenting with all sorts of virtual workspace configurations. 

The space is accessible 24/7 but there will be always be a CSI staff member present during Power Hour to answer questions about Gather, the Common Platform, or anything CSI. 

How To Gather With Us Set-up and Accessibility Guide

Please read our How To Gather Guide for set-up information, troubleshooting, and additional accessibility information related to the technology. 

As Gather does have limitations related to accessibility, members can book a Guide and obtain a dedicated conference link to join from their computer or call from their phone. The Guide will present the world to you via screen sharing and live voice description. 

Guides will:

  • Name and customize the attendee’s avatar according to verbal instruction.
  • Show, describe, or read the map and provide options to navigate, explore, and participate in activities.
  • Enable participation in any activities the attendee would like to participate in, by capturing their contributions and submitting them.
  • Accompany the attendee to conversations with other guests, and on request, disable their audio for a predetermined period of time to provide privacy.
  • Email 1-week in advance to book a guide.