Come learn about the power of Self-Directed Education


Jun 5, 2019


Price, 416-419-4130

kids deserve better. Your kids. Your future kids. Kids you know.

If I don’t speak a language, yelling at me in that language isn’t going to make me understand. And yet, that’s what we continue to do with K-12 education. For many kids, particularly Indigenous kids, the regular system isn’t working and our only solution seems to be more of the same. More homework, more testing, more tutoring, more afterschool ‘enrichment’ programs. We don’t need more and we don’t an “indigenized” version of the regular system, we need different. Radically different.

Come learn about
Help us create a new kind of school, one aligned with how kids are biologically designed to learn.

Kids welcome! Each adult will be given 4 TTC tokens!, 416-419-4130

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