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Connecting for Impact

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Connecting for Impact is a new panel discussion series offered by Social Impact Advisors the goal of which is to make space for connection, sharing ideas and professional development for people in the social benefit sector.

Join us for our second panel discussion on May 12 from 12:00-1:15pm EST, where will discuss the collective impact process, what it is like to be a backbone, and lessons learned from the field. Collective impact is defined as a group of organizations working together to address a major challenge by developing an integrated approach that fundamentally improves population -level outcomes in a community. Social Impact Advisors currently provides coaching support to a wide range of Collectives that seek to impact social and environmental change. Collectives often include institutions, nonprofits, public service agencies, and for-profit businesses aligned around a common goal.

May 12 Panelists

Tamer Ibrahim Youth Collective Impact Manager at Laidlaw Foundation and Chair of the Board at For Youth Initiative; and Katherine Flynn General Manager at Centre for Climate Change Management at Mohawk College. 

Tamer will share his insights from the Laidlaw Youth Collective Impact program and what he has learned about governance and best practices from grantees. 

Kate will discuss her experience acting as the backbone support for the Bay Area Climate Change Council and what strategies have supported the development and on-going sustainability of the collective.

A recording of the discussion will be made available however ,we encourage you to join us and contribute to our growing community of individuals making an impact

If you missed last month’s panel discussion on B Corp’s click here to watch the recording. 

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