Costa Rica Brain Health & Wellness Yoga Retreat


Apr 18, 2020


$1200 CND +HST +Accommodations starting at $1475USD

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Join us for a week-long mindfulness, yoga, and meditation retreat in beautiful Costa Rica. The retreat will include daily yoga and meditation, vegetarian meals prepared for you, 3 lecture-discussion sessions related to brain health and wellness, and one post-retreat life coaching session to help you integrate your experience into a sustainable new life practice.


To rest and rejuvenate your mind, body, and brain with sun, relaxation, warm ocean water, a well-balanced vegetarian diet, chirping birds, and howling monkeys in Costa Rica.

Return on Investment:

  • Heightened Clarity

  • Increased Vitamin D

  • Human Connection

  • Physical Relaxation
  • Brain Knowledge
  • Self Care

 Brain Health & Wellness Discussion Topics:

  • Stress, Relaxation, & Self Care - learn the basics of our stress system, how to relax the mind, body, and brain, and other practices of sustainable self-care.

  • Food and Nutrition for Healthy Mind, Body, and Brain - learn some basic food and nutrition practices to support cognitive function, mood, and brain health.

  • Self Awareness Through Self Science - explore what works for your unique mind, body, and brain with the self-exploration tool of self science, as described in Dr. Mandy Wintink’s book Self Science - A Guide to the Mind and Your Brain’s Potential.

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