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[CSI Members] How to CSI: Every One. Every Day: TO

Making Our Neighbourhood Better, One Project At A Time!

The CSI Institute has teamed up with Every One. Every Day in London, England to share the Our Neighbourhood project. 

Our Neighbourhood Workshops and Project Starter Kits help you build practical projects in your neighbourhood, like planting trees or planning a community celebration. These projects enable neighbours to gather and learn from each other.

Join us to learn more about this exciting project running through March 2021 or Download the Our Neighbourhood Booklet now for more information!

Member Moment

This week we will be joined by Linda Odnokon from Indie95 Personal Wealth Workshops where the focus is on empowering you to stay financially independent to 95 and beyond through custom financial and retirement income and (SRI) investing educational workshops.


Linda offers an initial complimentary consultation for individuals or business owners and entrepreneurs. She is licensed in the province of ON for annuities and life insurance based solutions and markets them under her trade name Plan95.


What is How To CSI? 
Everything is changing around us, but we are still here! This fall, we’re upgrading our space protocols, printers, and launching our brand new digital platform. Join us weekly as we guide you through all of these changes, and learn how to get the most out of your CSI Membership.