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Events » DEI for Teams | 10 Things Nonprofits Need to Know

DEI for Teams | 10 Things Nonprofits Need to Know

10 Things Nonprofits Need to Know About DEI

​​​Featuring Melissa Allen

​Melissa will delve into the critical topic of Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI) within the nonprofit sector. Drawing from her experience with social enterprises and nonprofits, combined with her background in tech, venture capital, and financial services, Melissa brings a unique perspective to the conversation. She is deeply committed to fostering diverse and inclusive environments where everyone feels valued and empowered.

​Throughout the session, Melissa will address ten key insights essential for nonprofits striving to create positive change in their communities. Attend for:

  1. ​An understanding of how DEI initiatives contribute to building a better future for all.
  2. ​Insight into the pivotal role of diversity, equity, and inclusion in cultivating a safe, accepting, and just organizational culture.
  3. ​Strategies for making individuals feel seen, heard, and understood within nonprofit settings.

​Whether you’re a seasoned nonprofit professional or new to the sector, this workshop offers invaluable knowledge and actionable steps toward fostering a more inclusive and equitable society.

​​​About the Speaker

Melissa Allen is the Executive Director at the charity accelerator League of Innovators where she is passionate about helping young people become the bosses of their lives and careers. Previously, she was an award-winning financial services professional at Desjardins, and before that, she worked in tech sales and marketing at companies such as Torstar and Google. Melissa is a Black cis woman who is passionate about championing diversity (of ethnicity, of gender, of socio-economic background, of management style, of thought) in the workplace. Because there is more than one way to lead.

​​About the Series

This online event is part of a complimentary series of talks and Q&A sessions featuring curated trainers from The Good Growth Company roster, each sharing 10 things nonprofit organizations and charities need to know about a given topic — from messaging to measuring impact. The series is designed for leaders and within nonprofits, charities and social impact organizations.

​​Session Format:

Presentation: 10 Tips Talk

Q&A: Ask Your Questions

Length: 45-Minutes to 1 Hour

​​About the Host

The Good Growth Company is an upskilling company for non-profit organizations and purpose-driven businesses seeking to invest in their people to help scale their mission. Boost your social impact and level up your team with targeted workshops and more. Get started here.

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