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Events » Drawdown Labs Presents: Climate Solutions at Work

Drawdown Labs Presents: Climate Solutions at Work

This workshop will guide employees, no matter the role or size of the organization, to align their companies with a 1.5 degree future. Register on Eventbrite.

About this event

The 2020s has been deemed the “decisive decade” for climate. We now have the tremendous opportunity to transform every industry from one that degrades the planet to one that regenerates it. The private sector will have an extra large role to play in reaching a zero-emissions future and the power to shift the private sector is in the hands of employees. 

But what are the steps involved in reducing an organization’s emissions to zero? What kind of conversations need to be had in the workspace? What does the future of supply chains look like? 

Project Drawdown, the world-leading resource for climate solutions, has released a new guide to support any employee to align their organization with a 1.5 degree future.

In this workshop you’ll learn:

  • About the concept of “Drawdown” and the organization behind it
  • The 8 “levers” organizations can pull to reduce emissions while improving society and their bottom line
  • The organizations currently leading the way

This workshop is intended to be a collaborative conversation. We’ll view Drawdown’s new “Playbook” entitled: Climate Solutions At Work, and have an open conversation about how the actions outlined within might play out in your organization. 

Come prepared to learn, connect, act. 

In partnership with Drawdown Labs and the Centre for Social Innovation.