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Events » E³, a unique and powerful performance measurement tool

E³, a unique and powerful performance measurement tool

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Jerome Leroy ( Skema Business School) is the VP at Nexans North America Business Unit Building & Territories. He will focus on a unique business performance tool that his company uses across the world

Every quarter, all around the world, even the smallest of Nexans units will need to find the right performance balance between the three key dimensions of economy, environment and engagement. This performance is measured and monitored on the basis of three KPIs, i.e., Return on Invested Capital, Environmental Return on Carbon Employed, and Return on Skills Employed.

In order to obtain its “license to operate” each unit will have to adhere to this unique, virtuous and holistic performance model. Although profit remains a source of income for the Group, it must be used wisely to protect the planet and provide employees with an enriching work environment and quality of life.


6-7 pm : Networking

7pm : Keynote address and Q&A

8-9 pm : Networking

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