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Events » Earth Pigment Workshop

Earth Pigment Workshop

Learn to make paint with the colours of the earth beneath your feet.

In this earth pigment workshop, attendees will learn how to make their own paint from things found in nature. Danielle Petti will walk you through her process of making sustainable art; from foraging tips and crushing rocks to mixing the perfect paint. Processing the pigments will be done together with Danielle’s tools, alongside a brief history of earth pigments and an overview of sustainable art practices. This workshop is great for artists who want to have more of a connection to the materials they work with, but also for non-artists who are curious about this prehistoric way of making paint.

It is not mandatory to bring anything with you to the workshop, but it is encouraged to bring any soft rocks or soils you may have found nearby. Not all rocks work great for pigment, your foraged samples can be tested out on the day of the workshop. Register now!

Date: Saturday, April 29

Time: 1:00 – 3:00 PM EDT