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Events » Effective Giving Day: Toronto

Effective Giving Day: Toronto

Event hosted by Effective Altruism Toronto and Effective Altruism Canada.

Please RSVP via the Meetup event page.

Event description:

Do you feel overwhelmed by the volume of global challenges right now?

You want to help but you don’t feel like what you have to give can make a difference?

Join us for Effective Giving Day to discover how you can create up to 100x more impact with your donations. Hear from experts about how you can find charities that do the most good and get their recommendations on where to donate across a variety of causes like global health, animal welfare, climate change and protecting humanity.

Effective Giving Day will also feature guests including GWWC co-founder and author of What We Owe the Future William MacAskill, bestselling author Rutger Bregman, and more as well as other community members about how effective giving has become an important part of their lives.

We’ll also hear from our community members on where they donate and why!

If you have questions about charity, giving or high impact causes, we have the experts to answer them! Submit your video question by November 10th and we’ll select some to be answered during the event. Submit here:

After the event, join us online for a Gathertown event or attend an in person event in your city (many of which will include the livestream)!

This event is not to be missed if you care about doing the most good you can for your donation.

Join Effective Giving Day 2022 and do more than you thought possible.

For questions, contact the host Liav via the Meetup event page.