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Events » Embrace Innovation at RSD12 Toronto Symposium – Oct 12-14, 2023

Embrace Innovation at RSD12 Toronto Symposium – Oct 12-14, 2023

Dear CSI Community,

Mark your calendars for a transformative experience:

🗓️ Dates: October 12-14, 2023

📍 Location: OCAD University Campus, 100 McCaul St, Toronto ON

Join us for a journey into the future of design and innovation at the RSD12 Toronto Symposium on Systemic Design!

📚 Workshops: Engage in hands-on workshops that push boundaries, such as “Making Good Compost-For Hopeful Futures” by Cassie Robinson and “Casting Ripples: The Potential of Watershed-Based Citizen Assemblies” by Natalija Vojno.

🎤 Panel Discussions and Talks: Gain insights from industry experts on topics like regenerative design, futures literacy, and more.

💡 Breakout Sessions: Delve deep into critical themes like complex systems thinking and sustainability, exploring new perspectives and approaches.

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But what is Systemic Design? It’s a transformative approach that considers the interconnectedness of complex systems and designs solutions that consider the bigger picture. It’s about shaping our world by understanding intricate relationships and creating meaningful change.

The Relating Systems Thinking and Design (RSD) Symposia series fosters emerging practices and theory development of systemic design for service systems, social systems, policy development, and complex contexts. This symposium, RSD12, brings together thought leaders, practitioners, and enthusiasts to explore, learn, and co-create innovative solutions through the lens of systemic design.

Connect with thought leaders, participate in interactive workshops, and shape the future of design and innovation.

Looking forward to seeing you there!

Best regards,

Project Managers of RSD12-TORONTO

Systemic Design Association (SDA)

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