Fail Forward in May – We Leap Learning Lab (Women Entrepreneurs & Changemakers meetup)


May 28, 2019


Innovation Works

201 King Street


This May we'll be getting up close and personal with that other f-word: FAILURE. What does failure mean to you? How do you experience failure? What is your approach for moving on from a setback? How can we develop resiliency against failure's debilitating effects?

Please come with a recent failure story that still has some feelings around it - we'll have to the opportunity to process them together in a safe and supportive space.

What is the We Leap Learning Lab?

We are a collective of brilliant women who meet monthly to support each other on our journeys to "really go for it" and put ourselves out there in doing what lights us up and adds unique value to the world. Being an entrepreneur or change-maker can be isolating at times - don't go it alone!

The goal each month is to create a safe, supportive, courageous and learning-driven space where we can explore what holds us back, test things out, cheer each other on, celebrate successes, re-frame setbacks, use each other as resources, and hold each other accountable for forward momentum.

Each month, we check in on "leaps" - or progress made - during the month, and then we open up the floor for individuals to share something they're struggling with/working on related to the month's theme. After we're all done sharing and exploring the theme, we commit to an action that will grow us over the next month. We also have a Facebook group where we can check in between meetups for further support and accountability.

If you're curious, drop in this month and see what we're all about! We always welcome new faces! Please RSVP on eventbrite so we can ensure we have enough chairs and food! :-)

We look forward to seeing you there!

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