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Events » Film Screening “Karuara, People of the River”

Film Screening “Karuara, People of the River”

Meet Mariluz, a courageous Indigenous woman and her family as they stand against formidable forces to protect their river and the revered Karuara community. Through stunning hand-painted animations, this Peruvian documentary unveils the spiritual realm of the Karuara, offering viewers a profound voyage into their world.  

Amidst a world that often commodifies nature, this film serves as a poignant reminder of our intrinsic bond with water, inviting us to rekindle our connection to the natural world.

Before the film, join us for a special Cuso International alumni gathering, where you will  meet Miguel Araoz, Mariluz Canaquiri, and Stephanie Boyd – the talented minds behind this cinematic masterpiece. 

After the film, stay for a Q&A session and enjoy time for networking and socializing over Peruvian appetizers.