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Events » Generating Revenue | 10 Things Nonprofits Need to Know

Generating Revenue | 10 Things Nonprofits Need to Know

​10 Things Nonprofits Need to Know About Generating Revenue

​Featuring Kim Kirton

​Measuring social impact has become increasingly important for nonprofits and their donors or funders. Dive into the aspects of measuring impact that are essential for nonprofit organizations and charities striving to make a meaningful difference. Discuss strategies and practical tips to help you effectively evaluate and communicate the impact of your initiatives. Whether you’re a seasoned leader or a budding changemaker within a nonprofit, charity, or social impact organization, discuss ways to drive sustainable change and maximize your impact.

​About the Series

This online event is part of a complimentary series of talks and Q&A sessions featuring curated trainers from The Good Growth Company roster, each sharing 10 things nonprofit organizations and charities need to know about a given topic — from messaging to measuring impact. The series is designed for leaders and within nonprofits, charities and social impact organizations.

​Session Format:

Presentation: 10 Tips Talk

Q&A: Ask Your Questions

Length: 45-Minutes to 1 Hour

​About the Speaker

​​Kim Kirton is an experienced and passionate social entrepreneur who thrives on bringing ideas to life and enabling social impact. Kim considers her curiosity a superpower, and by asking questions and learning, she sparks her creativity into new ideas.

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