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Events » Geothermal Leadership Forum

Geothermal Leadership Forum

Geothermal (aka GeoExchange) technology is a proven, efficient and sustainable source of heating and cooling implemented worldwide. Experts in multi-building geothermal installations will discuss the potential for quickly scaling up this technology in Ontario and overcoming existing regulatory and financing challenges.

The webinar will feature short presentations by: 

·       Amy Jacobs, Vice President at ENWAVE Geo Communities

·       R. Mancini, CEO of R. Mancini & Associates, The HUB

·       Gino Di Rezze, President of Groundheat International

Followed by a panel discussion including: 

·       Morrigan McGregor, Vice President at ENWAVE Energy

·       Jessica Rowe Bald, Vice President at Subterra Renewables

·       Tim Weber, CEO of Diverso Energy

·       Jonathan Frank, Clean Project Development Head at Vancity Community Investment Bank (VCIB)

Moderated by OSEA Chairman, Dan Goldberger