Getting Started with CRM Software


Jan 29, 2019


Camp Tech

455 Spadina Ave



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Are your business contacts scattered across contact lists, spreadsheets and somewhere in the back of your brain? Wish you had a better way to keep track of customers, clients, and leads? You need customer relationship management software, aka a CRM. A CRM is a centralized system for managing and tracking your past, current and potential customers or clients. It can be a very powerful tool in your digital toolbox, if set up correctly.

In this newly redesigned Camp Tech workshop you'll discover the features and benefits available in popular CRM solutions, with demos of each. Learn how to compare them so you can determine which one is right for you. Explore the integration options available with CRMs, so you can connect them to other digital tools you use. Finally, get practical tips on how to properly set up your chosen CRM, and what common mistakes to watch out for when implementing one. After this workshop you'll be ready to confidently hit the ground running with a CRM that works just right for you.