Grow Your Own Resilient Mindset (workshop)


Jun 7, 2019


Innovation Works

201 King Street



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Learn how to grow a resilient mindset so you can better handle risks, challenges and setbacks.

Do you....

Put off taking action on your big goals or dreams because it feels risky?

Find yourself feeling frustrated and discouraged when you encounter an obstacle, challenge or setback?

Get down on yourself when you've screwed up or failed - because it feels like a bad reflection on you?

If you answered Yes to any of these questions, your mindset may be holding you back from achieving more success in your business or career. Come discover some ways to free yourself from these patterns of acting & reacting.

In this workshop, you'll hear about the Growth Mindset and learn some powerful techniques to change how you perceive and experience risk-taking, obstacles, and failure. By cultivating a Growth mindset, you can feel more resilient, confident, and at ease as you take actions, big and small.

Here's the exciting truth: ANYONE can change their mindset - no matter how risk-adverse, perfectionist, or worried about failure you may be now!

Please come prepared to learn, have fun and PLAY! Yes, play! We'll be learning these techniques through Practical Play, as a I like to call it - so both your Inner Child and Responsible Adult will feel fulfilled. :-)

Resilience is all about being able to overcome the unexpected...The goal of resilience is to thrive. ~Jamais Cascio

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