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Events » Guided Sound Meditation* Thu, May 28 @ 10:30am EDT via Zoom

Guided Sound Meditation* Thu, May 28 @ 10:30am EDT via Zoom

Find peace and inspiration to start day by joining us for this Guided Sound Meditation on Thu, May 28th at 10:30am EDT.

Guided by:

Phil Jacobs R.TCMP, R.AC
Sound Therapy Practitioner /
@TorontoSoundTherapy / facebook

first real Love and Relationship is with Music, Sound and Vibration.
He is a registered Practitioner of Chinese Medicine, Acupuncture,
Herbal/Nutritional Medicine, and Mind-Body Medicine and has University
Level Training in Music and Mathematics. He has intensive and extended
training and practical experience at Institutions, Hospitals and
Universities in Toronto, Yelapa, China and Guatemala. He has also
studied under Dr. Gabor Mate.

As a Sound Therapy Practitioner he
combines his love of music with his training in Integrative Health,
Eastern Medicine, Herbal Medicine, Mindfulness, Contemplative
Psychotherapy, Contemplative End Of Life Care, Relational Psycho-Somatic
Therapy and experience with Sound Therapy to create and facilitate a
unique client experience. His therapies assist with Mental Health,
Addictions, Trauma, PTSD, Chronic and Acute Health Conditions. he
believes that the ability to heal comes from within. Phil is deeply
committed to helping create the necessary space and connectivity to
allow clients to self-care for themselves by drawing from their own
inner wisdom.

Philip was faculty member of Canada’s Institute of
Traditional Medicine from 2010-2019 and co-created Canada’s first
Certificate Sound Therapy training program launched in summer 2017.

Philip has launched his Sound Therapy Certificate training and practice
in Manhattan, New York City, and is returning to his roots of Song
Composition, Recording and Performing and is working on releasing an
Album in support of his Mental Health Advocacy.

Hosted By:

Chris Henry
Wellness and Life Coach at craftsight wellness community
Former Executive Recruiter / +1.647.923.8508 / / LinkedIn / @craftsight

embracing wellness Chris has survived multiple life traumas including
job, relationship and health change. He now helps others overcome
traumas by discovering wellness like he did through the Rythmic Diet
that restores their immune system and energy so they are strong in mind,
body and spirit. Chris is getting the word out by having others join
him on their own wellness journeys through craftsight connected circle
live events and the craftsight wellness community directory at where people work together to find, share and rate
wellness foods, products, services, creators and experiences. Chris has
began his journey over 25 years ago working in global organizations
recognized for caring cultures including Four Seasons Hotels &
Resorts and Grant Thornton. As an Executive Advisor and Wellness/Life
Coach he works with Management Teams, Boards, entrepreneurs,
organizations and individuals to reach their rythmic potential within
themselves, with their partners and with their customers.

Powered by:

craftsight wellness community
is a social enterprise platform to help establish the new
#ConsciousEconomy where we work together #curatingwellness and
#enablingchoice for one another by finding, sharing and rating #wellness
creators, products, services and experiences. An economy where people,
organizations and governments are mindful of one another and nature when
creating products, services and experiences.

*We look forward to
you attending and sharing your ideas and thoughts during the discussion
period. Please note this craftsight online connected circle will be
recorded and posted publicly for everyone to benefit from. If you do not
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Doctor(s) and Holistic Practitioners in your “Circle of Care”. As it is
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