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Events » Gut Check: Food Work Under COVID – a community conversation

Gut Check: Food Work Under COVID – a community conversation

If the response to COVID-19 has shown us anything, it’s that food work is chronically undervalued and essential. Many of us have known this for a long time, and continue to build community and coalition across the work we do to better food access, and improve the sustainability of our food systems. 

For our 1st event, we’d like to bring together CSI Members working in the food sector or on food issues to get a Gut Check:

  • What are you or your organization trying to offer or change in the food system?
  • What’s are you or your organization experiencing in your corner of food work? How has the pandemic changed the work or the way you’re doing it?
  • What challenges are you finding? Have there been areas of hope or success?
  • Are there collective actions that could be coordinated to help solve these challenges? Or other simpler ways the community can support?


  • Cassandra Rizzotto – Acting Executive Director of the Organic Council of Ontario and Director of Earth + City
  • Dihan Chandra – Managing Director of The Spent Goods Company


  1. Welcome: Who’s in the room & Why we’re here – 10 minutes
  2. Member Spotlight: Organic Council of Ontario & Spent Goods Company – 20 minutes
  3. Community Conversation Break-out groups – 15 minutes
  4. Community Re-group: Potential Direction for Collective Action or Next Steps – 10 minutes
  5. Warp-up & Gratitude – 5 minutes

Please join us for an hour of conversation and relationship building featuring CSI Members like you, working in Food under COVID. 

Zoom Meeting Details

Meeting ID: 995 1334 3370
Password: 309875

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